Roula Nasrallah


Nasrallah started working as a journalist, fixer, and field producer in 2006 during the influx of Iraqis refugees into Syria. She worked with award-winning correspondents from media outlets including the New York Times, BBC, CNN, and US National Public Radio, The Financial Times and others. In 2009 she co-authored the report: Iraqi asylum seekers in Syria: on special focus on Iraqi women, for ICMC and Johns Hopkins University. In 2010, she became a Public Information Officer at UNHCR in Damascus after having assisted the production of the documentary: Leaving al-Tanf about Palestinian refugees from Iraq. During her time with UNHCR, Nasrallah organized a training workshop with the Media Diversity Institute for Syrian Journalists on how to cover refugee issues. In the summer of 2014, she directed a film about Syrian youth in exile: Looking for another Home.