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Photojournalism + Street art
A project initiated by Pierre Terdjman

Initiated by Pierre Terdjman, #Dysturb is a group of photojournalists using urban spaces to highlight strong stories often unpublished by the international media. "By sticking photographs on city walls, we want to open eyes, trigger reactions, and show the reality of the world. Our approach is social, informative and educational. We believe photojournalism is not dead so we release it on a new format."


A WARM partner project.



- #Dysturb
with Niels Ackerman, Laurence Geai,
Frédéric Lafargue, Alfred Yaghobzadeh, Rafael Yaghobzadeh
#Dysturb has selected images related to Jihadism and Migrations.
WARM Festival 2016
, 26th June - 2nd July 2016, Sarajevo

- 'Migrations', by #Dysturb
with Jose Colon, Laurence Geai, Olivier Jobard, Moutafis, Myrto Papadopoulos, Emanuele Satolli
WARM Festival 2015, 28th June - 4th July 2015, Sarajevo

- 'New Initiatives in Photojournalism' conference
moderated by Paul Lowe
with Maral Deghati (Me-Mo), Ziyah Gafic, Pierre Terdjman & Capucine Granier-Deferre (#Dysturb)
WARM Festival 2015, Wednesday 1st July 2015, 11:00, Meeting Point, Sarajevo

The First World WARM Festival28th June - 3rd July 2014, Sarajevo
with Fabio Bucciarelli, Alvaro Canovas, Bryan Denton, Rafael Fabres, Laurence Geai, Olga Kravets, Camille Lepage, Alice Martins, Giorgos Moutafis, Mosa'ab ElShamy, Pierre TerdjmanLaurent Van der Stockt, Rafael Yaghobzadeh