A Letter from WARM

A Letter from WARM
December 17th, 2014

Dear WARM Members, Supporters and Followers,

This year has been a great year, with The First World WARM Festival in Sarajevo, with new Members, new Projects and new Partners.

With over 250 visitors from abroad and hundreds of Sarajevans attending our conferences, exhibitions and film screenings, our 1st WARM Festival has been a great reunion of artists, reporters and experts working on contemporary conflict.

WARM Partner Projects such as the coproduction and world premiere of ‘Tomorrow Tripoli’, the coproduction of ‘Grozny: Nine Cities’ exhibition, the screening of ‘Abounaddara’ films and of ‘The Way to the Frontline’, or the ‘Dysturb’ street art action, are the heart of WARM: “to tell the story with excellence and integrity”.

Other post-festival new Projects also include ‘The WARM Conferences on contemporary conflicts’ at the Caen-Normandy WWII Memorial.

More than ever, we believe in our key project: to open a WARM Center on all world contemporary conflicts in the coming years in Sarajevo.
The WARM Festival is a key step towards the opening of the Center.

We hope to see you in 2015 at our main reunion, the 2nd WARM Festival, and at various events around the world.


THE WARM FESTIVAL 2015 (June 28th – July 4th)
The 2nd WARM Festival will take place in Sarajevo from Sunday June 28th to Saturday July 4th, 2015.
Call for projects

Le Mémorial de Caen invite la Fondation WARM à organiser, chaque trimestre à Caen, les ‘Conférences WARM sur les conflits contemporains’.
“Photographier la guerre en Centrafrique” : Michaël Zumstein & Edouard Elias”
Jeudi 18 décembre 2014 à 19h – Mémorial de Caen

WARM is an international foundation working on the world’s contemporary conflicts. WARM is dedicated to war reporting and war art, as well as history and memories of war, and promoting emerging talents and education.

If you are working on contemporary conflicts, become a WARM Member.
WARM is bringing together people with a common passion for “telling the story with excellence and integrity”.

We need your support for the WARM projects and productions, for the 2015 WARM Festival, and to open the WARM Center.
To make a donation, click on ‘Donate’ on our homage.
Major donors can contact us here.

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