Bucha and Sarajevo: Witnesses of Existence

As part of the WARM Festival, a panel discussion titled “Bucha and Sarajevo: Witnesses of Existence” was held today. The discussion revolved around two cities symbolizing war and destruction, featuring Mykhailyn Skoryk-Shkarivska, the Deputy Mayor of Bucha, Ukraine, and Srđan Mandić, the Mayor of Centar Sarajevo Municipality. Also participating were Slaven Tolj, one of the most renowned contemporary artists, and Damir Šagolj, the director of the WARM Festival.

Moderated by Lejla Hodžić, the panel delved into the impact of art in preserving memories and the necessity of documenting historical events through art. Mayor Mandić spoke about the generational responsibility of documenting and preserving memories, emphasizing that monuments should not only serve as reminders of specific events but also facilitate communication with future generations. He confirmed the value of art and artists in this process.

Damir Šagolj emphasized the need to document all events in Ukraine through available platforms, stating that documentation is a valuable tool in helping Ukraine heal from the wounds of war.

Regarding the situation in Bucha, the Deputy Mayor highlighted that during the siege in March, Russian troops turned Bucha into a museum of war crimes, leaving evidence of their atrocities directly on the streets before withdrawing.

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