Sarajevo, 27-30th June


Wednesday 27th June – 18:00

Welcome Desk & Accreditations

Kino Meeting Point

Wednesday 27th June – 18:45

‘REconciliations: Art and post war society’

A group exhibition of artists working on the theme of post conflict reconciliation, curated by Paul Lowe and Elma Hasimbegović
Artists include Paul Coldwell, Ziyah Gafić, Adela Jušić and Lana Čmajčanin, Milena Michalski, Mladen Miljanović, Vladimir Miladinović
Historical Museum

Wednesday 27th June – 21:00
‘The Fight For Mosul’
A film directed by Olivier Sarbil
(55mn – PBS Frontline production, Mongoose Pictures and Channel4 – 2017)
The people of Mosul endured the repressive rule of ISIS for more than two years. This is the story of the men who fought back, and defeated the Islamic State in their heartland. In October 2016, an elite team of Iraqi Special Forces was tasked with leading the fight to drive ISIS from the city. It was the beginning of a brutal battle of attrition that was to last almost nine months.
Kino Meeting Point

Wednesday 27th June – 22:00
WARM Festival Opening Reception
Kino Meeting Point

Thursday 28th June – 11:00
‘On the Margins: Roma Tales’
A photography exhibition by Armin Durgut, Aldin Fafulović, Vedran Zivković, Mirko Pincelli and Brad Hobbs, produced by the Post-Conflict Research Center (PCRC)
Roma are often portrayed as exotic, strange, and even dangerous, and have faced discrimination and persecution throughout Europe for centuries. This exhibition was created as a platform for Roma voices to share their stories.
Supported by OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina – Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Skenderija Steel Bridge

Thursday 28th June – 12:00
‘Breaking the Cycle: Steps Toward Inclusive and Discrimination-free Society’
A panel discussion with Tanya Domi (Professor, Columbia University), Srđan Šarenac (director, writer, producer), Abdalhadi Alijla (Varieties of Democracy Institute, Gothenburg University), Aleksandra Krstovic (OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Velma Šarić (Post-Conflict Research Center)
Interactive discussion on building historical memory and dialogue to prevent, mitigate, and transform conflict and post-conflict environments stemming from ethnic, religious and political identities.
Kino Meeting Point

Thursday 28th June – 15:00
‘Two School Under One Roof’
A film directed by Srđan Šarenac
(43 mn – Novi Film, Al Jazeera Balkans – 2017)
Following the war in Bosnia, the once renowned Travnik Gymnasium was divided into two parts by color and a fence. One part is for Croatian and another for Bosniak students. The principal decides to organize a football tournament so that the students can meet and get to know each other. Some of them think that socializing with others is something very natural, while others don’t share the same view.
Kino Meeting Point

Thursday 28th June – 18:00
‘Venezuela: The Collapse of a Dream’
A photography exhibition by Oscar B. Castillo
For years I’ve been working on a long term photographic project exploring the causes and consequences of violence in Venezuela and the relation with the socio-political rupture. A cancer that has been fed with hatred, polarization, economic interests, corruption and constant impunity.
Co-produced by The WARM Foundation – Bayeux-Calvados-Normandy Award for War Correspondents
Academy of Fine Arts

Thursday 28th June – 21:00
‘After The Spring’
A film directed by Romain Huet & Laurent Lhermite
(63 mn – entre2prises – 2017)
In 2014 in the northern surbub of Hama (Syria), we joined a Mujaheddin’s squad affiliated with the Islamic front, leading an ethnographical investigation and a documentary on the everyday life of these fighters. War times are hard to grasp: uncertain and suspended time where life is diving in a fully ignorance of the next day’s shape.
Kino Meeting Point

Friday 29th June – 11:00
‘Greetings from Aleppo’
A film directed by Issa Touma
(17mn – Paradox – 2017)
Since 2014, photographer Issa Touma has returned to his hometown Aleppo, Syria, on a regular basis, capturing everyday encounters with fellow residents of a city torn apart by war.
‘Only Silence’
A film directed by Katia Jarjoura
(30 mn – Blue Train Films, Echo Films – 2018)
Threatened in her country, Neda, a Syrian student, had to flee to France, leaving her mother and little brother behind, under the bombs. Consumed by worry, Neda constantly tries to reach them by skype, but the connection rarely comes through.
Kino Meeting Point

Friday 29th June – 13:00
‘The Role of Visual Art and Aesthetics in Re(building) Post-Conflict Societies’ & screening of ‘Što te nema’, a film by Aida Šehović
A panel discussion with Aida Šehović (contemporary artist), Nejra Mulaomerović (Galerija 11/07/95), Tanya Domi (Professor, Columbia University), moderated by Velma Šarić (Post-Conflict Research Center)
Interactive discussion on how contemporary visual art can propel dialogue, inspire hope, understanding and cooperation among people living in post-conflict and divided societies.
Kino Meeting Point

Friday 29th June – 15:00
‘Bodies in Conflict’, curated by Odile Burluraux

  • ‘Pourquoi tu pars ?’, by Michèle Sylvander (6’37” – 2014-2015)
  • ‘We Began by Measuring Distance’, by Basma Alsharif (19′ – 2009)
  • ‘La Huella’, by Teresa Margolles (12’40” – 2015)
  • ‘Chandelier’, by Steven Cohen (16’29” – 2001)
  • ‘Los Desnudos, notre corps est une arme’, by Clarisse Hahn (13′ – 2012)

Public spaces have always been places for all kinds of expression: celebrations, claims, demonstrations or fights. Most conflicts take place in the context of a confrontation with the enemy or the police. Victims of wars or civil disputes see their rights despised, their homes destroyed, their land spoiled, sometimes their lives threatened by violence, the loss of activity or the no return exile. For centuries artists have reflected upon political actions and events that shape society. Contemporary artists are responding to key historic events, and today’s conflicts in the world, sometimes from an intimate point of view or a wider prospective.
Kino Meeting Point

Friday 29th June – 18:00
‘Desperate Journey: The Rohingya Exodus’
A photography exhibition by Kevin Frayer
More than half a million men, women and children with no rights were driven from their homes, victims of fire and rape. Kevin Frayer’s work captured the crisis in both scale and intimacy. He witnessed mass funerals and listened to survivors. He walked mile after mile to show the suffering and exhaustion of the long, cruel, and chillingly silent journey of the Rohingya.
In partnership with Visa pour l’Image Perpignan
Historical Museum

Friday 29th June – 21:00
‘Stronger Than Bullets’
A film directed by Matthew Millan
(87 mn – Evolutionary Films – 2017)
A defiant music scene erupts amidst the 2011 Libyan revolution to become the voice against tyranny and oppression – but as victory descends into conflict and chaos, the music goes silent. Will the music thrive once again, or will it remain mired in Post-Revolutionary Blues?
Kino Meeting Point

Saturday 30th June – 11:00
‘Miss Sarajevo and Other Besieged Stories: The Role of Historical Museum in Preserving the Memory of The Siege of Sarajevo’
A presentation by Elma Hašimbegović (Historical Museum)
Kino Meeting Point

Saturday 30th June – 12:30
‘The Sarajevo Storage – Pierre Courtin Collection’
An exhibition curated by Pierre Courtin
The founder of Galerija10m2 and Duplex100m2 in Sarajevo presents more than 350 pieces representing the work of about 200 artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Balkans and elsewhere.
National Gallery

Saturday 30th June – 15:00
‘The Ransom’
A film directed by Remi Lainé
(97 mn – Java Films – 2017)
30,000 kidnappings are committed every year in the world. Following a pending case in Venezuela, The Ransom, filmed in Africa, Europe and the USA, features insurers, negotiators and ex-hostages who speak out for the first time.
Kino Meeting Point

Saturday 30th June – 21:00
‘Silent War’
A film directed by Manon Loizeau
(72mn – Magneto Presse – 2017)
Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, rape has been used as a tool of war by the Syrian regime against thousands of women: a crime against humanity. The women who speak in this film have decided to break the silence. Their testimonies are rare, exceptional and heart breaking. They are the voices of the untold crimes of Bashar al Assad’s regime.
Kino Meeting Point

Saturday 30th June – 22:30
WARM Festival Closing Party
Kino Meeting Point


  • Kino Meeting Point: Welcome Desk & Accreditations, Film Screenings, Panel Discussions, Press Events, Festival Café
  • Academy of Fine Arts – Historical Museum – National Gallery: Exhibitions
  • Hotel Europe: Symposium

All WARM events are free public events


‘Why Remember? Memory and Forgetting in Times of War and Its Aftermath: Ruins, Remains and Reconstructions’

27th-29th June 2018
Hotel Europe

  • Wednesday 27th June – 13:00-13:30
    Welcome and Opening Remarks
    Dr Stephenie Young, Dr Paul Lowe, and Rémy Ourdan
  • Wednesday 27th June – 13:30-14:30
    Keynote: Marina Gržinić and Adla Isanović
  • Wednesday 27th June – 18:45-19:30
    Keynote at Historical Museum: Paul Coldwell
  • Thursday 28th June – 9:15-10:15
    Keynote: James Gow
  • Thursday 28th June – 16:15-17:15
    Keynote: John Lennon
  • Friday 29th June – 10:15-11:15
    Keynote: Ziyah Gafić
  • Friday 29th June – 16:00- 17:00
    Keynote: Tom Young
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