WARM Festival 2019

Sarajevo, 10-13 July

WARM, ‘to tell the story with excellence and integrity’


“Damir Šagolj: Through the Looking Glass – First 25 years”
Academy of Fine Arts
10-19 July 2019

“Afghanistan: The Endless War (1979-2019)”
curated by Jean-Pierre Perrin and Maral Deghati
Historical Museum
10 July – 30 August 2019


All events are taking place at Kino Meeting Point
(except ** special mention)

All events are free public events



Wednesday 10th July – 18:00
Welcome Desk & Accreditations

Wednesday 10th July – 19:00
WARM Festival opening reception

Wednesday 10th July – 20:00
“Congo Lucha”
a film directed by Marlene Rabaud
(Belgium, 2018)



Thursday 11th July – Full day
Trip to Srebrenica Genocide Commemoration
(registration by email by 9 July)

Thursday 11th July – 11:30
“Preserving the genocide memory through art and documentation”
discussion with Srebrenica exhibition curators
(** Gallery 11/07/95)

Thursday 11th July – 14:00
“Srebrenica: Contesting the Future and Fighting Denial”
discussion with Emir Suljagić (survivor of the Srebrenica genocide and Dean of Faculty of Business and Administration at the International University Sarajevo)
moderated by Tanya L. Domi (Adjunct Assistant Professor, Columbia University and Hunter College New York – Advisory Board President, Post-Conflict Research Center)

Thursday 11th July – 17:30
“Srebrenica Genocide: No Room For Denial” (2018)
a film produced by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
(ICTY, 2018)
introduction by Anisa Suceska (United Nations International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals)
discussion with Almir Alić (Registry Liaison Officer, United Nations International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals)

Thursday 11th July – 20:00
“Men don’t cry”
a film directed by Alen Drljevic
(Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Germany, Croatia, 2017)
[in partnership with Sarajevo Film Festival]


Friday 12th July – 10:00
“For a transdisciplinary approach to the individual and collective memories of traumatic events: the 13-November Paris attacks”
discussion with Denis Peschanski (historian, French National Centre for Scientific Research)

Friday 12th July – 13:30
“Preserving Memory for the Future Generations”
discussion with Amina Krvavac (War Childhood Museum) and Nejra Mulaomerović (Gallery 11/07/1995)
moderated by Tatjana Milovanović

Friday 12th July – 15:30
“Role of international actors and policies in transitional justice”
discussion with Thomas Unger (former Senior Adviser to the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth and Co-Director of the Master of Advanced Studies in Transitional Justice, Human Rights and the Rule of Law)

Friday 12th July – 17:00
“Afghanistan: The Endless War (1979-2019)”
discussion with Jean-Pierre Perrin (curator)
[in partnership with Bayeux-Calvados-Normandy Award for War Correspondents]

Friday 12th July – 18:30
“Afghanistan: The Endless War (1979-2019)”
exhibition event with Jean-Pierre Perrin (curator)
(** Historical Museum)
[in coproduction with Bayeux-Calvados-Normandy Award for War Correspondents]

Friday 12th July – 20:00
“For Sama”
a film directed by Waad al-Khateab and Edward Watts
(United Kingdom, 2019)


Saturday 13th July – 10:00
“Different Views on Conflict and Post-Conflict Reporting”
discussion with Cécile Hennion (journalist, Le Monde) on her book on Aleppo, Katia Jarjoura (filmmaker) on her films and work with Iraqi filmmakers, Paul Lowe (photographer and professor a the University of the Arts London), and Marija Ristić (director, Balkan Investigate Reporting Network)
moderated by Louis Monroy Santander

Saturday 13th July – 14:00
“Art Festivals as Pathways for Creating Historical Narratives”
discussion with Gary Knight (VII Academy) and Masa Markovic (Sarajevo Film Festival)
moderated by Velma Saric

Saturday 13th July – 17:00
“Damir Šagolj: Through the Looking Glass – First 25 years”
discussion with Damir Šagolj (photographer)

Saturday 13th July – 18:00
“Damir Šagolj: Through the Looking Glass – First 25 years”
exhibition event with Damir Šagolj
(** Academy of Fine Arts)

Saturday 13th July – 20:00
a film directed by Louis Meunier
(Afghanistan, France, 2019)

Saturday 13th July – 21:30
WARM Festival closing party

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