Kris Wetherholt

International Information Policy Foundation

Kris J. Wetherholt was originally involved in international relations and human security as the protégée of Joseph Kruzel, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for NATO and European Affairs, killed in 1995 in Bosnia-Herzegivina while acting as a diplomatic envoy bringing parties to the Dayton Accords. In 2006, she became Board Chairman of the Humanitarian Media Foundation, where was a member of the original working group among the principals of ThomsonReuters Foundation, BBC World Service Trust, the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), UN Foundation, the British and American Red Cross, responsible for comprehensive, coordinated information dissemination protocols for human security and crisis and conflict- affected populations. Wetherholt is the author of several articles based on research in the international sphere, a book on WWI, and is currently writing about media, information, and international crisis and conflict for the Huffington Post. In addition to being Principal of the IIPFoundaton and Executive Editor of the MIPJ (, she is currently working on a book to be published about Humanitarian Information in conflict and post-conflict settings, while continuing to work on and champion media projects in the international sphere, including those about vulnerable and crisis and conflict-affected populations.

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