BOSNIA:UKRAINE Reporting from the Future

Aida Cerkez

Journalist, AP

Aida Cerkez is a writer, manager and editor with 20 years experience in covering the Balkan region for major international media organisations. She was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1962, and grew up in the former Yugoslavia and Germany. Aida Cerkez became chief of the Associated Press (AP) Sarajevo bureau in 1994, while the Bosnian capital was under siege. She assumed responsibility for the AP’s coverage of the ongoing conflict in words and images, as well as managing logistics and security for more than and dozen local employees in three field offices, and for visiting correspondents. In 1995, Ms.Cerkez won the Associated Press’ Gramling Award for best managed media operation. As of 2009 Aida Cerkez is also in charge of planning AP regional television coverage. In 2005 Aida Cerkez joined the board of the New York University’s Centre for Investigative Journalism, based in Sarajevo.

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