Alban Biaussat


Alban Biaussat is a freelance photographer who combines his artistic activities with a professional experience in international affairs, especially in post/conflict situations. He is interested in the more creative side of documentary photography to deal with complex socio-political issues and their perception. Alban has realized his series “The Green(er) Side of the Line” with the support of the Al Mammal Foundation for Contemporary Arts in Jerusalem during his time living in the region in 2002-06. Now based in Paris, one of his most recent artwork, “The Chicory-Witloof Wall”, looks at the communitarian dispute around the language border in Belgium. Alban also runs Collateral Creations, an innovative audio-visual production platform, which he co-founded to encourage the marriage of documentary photography, academic research and expert practitioners. Alban holds three masters degrees in photography from the London College of Communication, in International Relations from Bristol University, and in business studies from ESCP Europe.

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