Džemil Hodžić

Džemil Hodžić was born in 1983 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was only 9 when the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina started. In 1995, his older brother Amel was killed before his eyes by a Serb sniper while playing tennis in their neighbourhood. As somebody who survived the war and grew up during the Siege, Džemil realised he didn’t have any pictures from that period, neither of himself nor his family.

In 2019, after 24 years of searching and exploring, with a loving memory of his killed brother, Džemil founded the Sniper Alley Photo Project with the aim of finding his brother’s photo from that time while he was still alive. You can read his personal testimony and how everything started “My Story” and the way he miraculously found the photo in 2021.

With more than 20 years of experience in TV and media, Džemil is a Doha-based video editor working for the Al Jazeera English channel in the documentary department. As part of his dedication and unique mission to preserve Sarajevo’s war history and his goal to pay tribute to photographers covering the Sarajevo Siege, he’s the author of “The Story Behind the Photo” video series, documenting witness accounts from world- renowned photojournalists.

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