François Lunel


François Lunel took an academic training at the Paris VIII University, in the cinema Section, and began making documentaries in 1992. Gone to Sarajevo in 1993 during the siege, where he made his first film, “Quiet Days in Sarajevo”, that he produced together with Bosnian actors, and that got selected for the Cannes Film Festival in 2002. In 2000 he made a documentary about the lives of five sailors in the Irish Sea (Sol en mer, broadcasted on France 3 in April 2000). In 2005 he made a documentary about the life of Sonny Simmons, an American saxophonist (supported by the CNC). He just finished two films, “L’Apparition de la Joconde”, a fiction produced by Promenades Films and La Vie est belle Films associés, and “Chez Leon coiffure”, a documentary produced by Les Films d’Ici. He started teaching film-making in 2000, and still does, at the Fémis, and at the Faculty of Nancy II, Marne la Vallée. He has published a novel, Keremna (Riveneuve).

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