Jasmin Duraković

Journalist - Filmmaker - Producer, DEPO

Jasmin Duraković is a film/theatre director, producer and writer/journalist. He is director of fiction films – Nafaka (2006), Sevdah for Karim (2010), The Chustnut Land (2013) – and director/writer of theatre dramas – City of dreams 2000 (2000), That Marvelous Years of Siege (2000), Big sister: In the Nets of Life (2014), Cabaret 2014 (2014). He was general manager of RTVFBiH (2001-2008) and editor in many Bosnian newspapers (Walter, Slobodna Bosna, Dani). He got for his film, theatre and media work several domestic and international awards. He is the founder of DEPO, a production company and media house in Sarajevo.

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