Kenneth Miller

Psychosocial Coordinator, War Child Holland

I have spent my career working with communities affected by armed conflict, as a researcher, organizational consultant, psychotherapist, and filmmaker. After spending two years working with Guatemalan survivors of the genocide in their country (both in Guatemala and refugee camps in Mexico), I worked as the clinical director of a mental health program for Bosnian refugees in Chicago. Wishing to explore innovative way of addressing the mental health needs of war-affected civilians, I left the clinic and joined the faculty at San Francisco State University and later Pomona College. The focus of my research has been on understanding the diverse pathways by which armed conflicts affects people’s lives, and translating that knowledge into culturally meaningful interventions. I recently joined a Dutch NGO (War Child Holland) and relocated to Amsterdam. In addition to my academic writing, I recently completed a book of creative nonfiction to be published this fall by Larson Publications in NY, entitled War Torn: Stories of Courage, Love, and Resilience. It’s about the impact of war on civilians, and draws on my work in numerous war-torn countries and in the Bosnian clinic.


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