Matej Leskovšek

Photographer - Slovenia Press Photo

Matej Leskovšek was born on 13th of November 1983. He studied German language and literature on the faculty of arts in Ljubljana. He started out as a photographer during high school at a local newspaper in Sevnica and during college in 2003 joined the biggest political and cultural weekly magazine in Slovenia called Mladina where he spent the next six years working as a photojournalist. During his last year with the magazine he was also appointed photo editor of the magazine. Matej started collaborating with Sipa Press photo agency in 2008 during the Slovenian presidency of the EU and still works with the agency today. Since 2007 he is stringer photographer for The Associated Press in Slovenia. He also does work in Slovenia for The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune, as well as the Slovenian online magazine He visited and covered stories in Iraq, Gaza, West bank, Egypt and Syria. At the end of 2008 he established Slovenia Press Photo, the institution for promotion of photography in Slovenia, which runs the SPP Festival. The festival hosts prominent names in photojournalism and photography from around the world and organizes the national photojournalism contest.

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