Mortaza Behboudi


Mortaza Behboudi was born in 1994 in Wardak, Afghanistan. In Iran, where he has lived since the age of 2 years as a refugee, he began by being as an intern at UNHCR and setup an English course and accounting for Refugees. In 2013 he awarded by UNHCR in World Refugee day as Active Refugee After graduation, he returned to Afghanistan where he resumed studies and initiates its journalistic, in 2013. He had worked with the UNHCR in Kabul as a performer and PGS provides accurate translations and useful to assist US and coalition forces in training the Afghan army through the development of “Literacy Program” (Apprenticeship Program) in 2014 with the cooperation of Afghan and international media, including Salam Tv, Teenager and Ava magazine. The themes are cultural, societal and political. He is member of the National Association of Afghan journalists. In 2013-2014, He was as executive director of the “Afghanistan Peace Studies Group” and in 2014, he founded the daily Bazaar Newspaper. He is passionate about the peace studies and photography.

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