Raechel Isolda

A French and British national, with Scottish and Italian origins, Raechel Isolda currently lives between France, Poland and Ukraine.

With a desire to connect with and help others, Raechel is committed to volunteering and has been a long-term volunteer with the Croix-Rouge Française supporting homeless people in France. She has also been a citizen volunteer in the refugee camp in Calais, where she engaged in women and children’s workshops, translations, and legal support. She is a member of Amnesty International and continues to support in the creation of awareness and educational tools, content production, campaigns and reports.

At the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war in 2022, Raechel worked for Bibliothèques sans Frontières (Libraries without Borders) in Poland, developing and implementing an emergency response program to support the needs of women and children arriving from Ukraine. More recently, Raechel worked for the medical NGO Mehad in Ukraine.

Alongside her NGO work and volunteering, Raechel works as a highly versatile producer, programmer, researcher, and coordinator working across film production, cultural events, conferences, exhibitions, and books. She has worked for over ten years with documentary film production companies and contributed as a researcher to the exhibition and book “Raconter la guerre, une histoire des correspondants de guerre” (Telling War, a History of War Correspondents), amongst many other projects.

Between work, projects and volunteering, Raechel lives on a boat on a small Mediterranean island off the coast of Southern France, where she observes nature and writes poetry.

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