Rikard Larma


Rikard Larma has been a professional photojournalist since he was 20 years old, beginning his career in Sarajevo in 1974. He worked on staff at a daily sports newspaper in Oslobodjenje and then for several prominent magazines in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
When war came to his hometown of Sarajevo in 1992, Rikard swiftly evolved from a general news and feature photographer to war photojournalist. He worked as staff photographer for the Associated Press, covering the Siege of Sarajevo and the war’s aftermath from 1992 to 1997. 
When the war ended, he married, moved to Jerusalem and began to raise a family. He lived and worked there for six years, photographing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In 2003, he settled down in the United States and began working for Metro Philadelphia newspaper in 2004. 
Rikard started photographing “Painting with Light” artwork in 2008 while working as staff photographer and photo editor for the daily newspaper.

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