Sean Maguire


Sean Maguire covered much of the break-up of former Yugoslavia as a reporter for Reuters. He flew into Sarajevo on an aid plane in June 1992 and spent much of the next three years writing about conflict and its terrible human cost in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia. He was based in Poland from 1998-2003, from where he travelled to cover the conflict in Kosovo, the fall of Milosevic and ethnic tensions in Macedonia. Other conflict reporting experience included the Gulf war of 1990-91. He was in Baghdad as the first American cruise missiles struck the city on January 17, 1991. He returned to Iraq in 2003 as an embedded reporter with the US Marines, arriving in Baghdad on top of an American armoured personnel carrier on the day Saddam Hussein’s rule ended. Maguire returned to Reuters headquarters in London and became the editor responsible for all international affairs and political coverage, before leaving the news agency in 2011. He is now the UK spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

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