Le Monde du 11 Septembre

Stéphane Grimaldi

General Director, Caen Memorial

General Director/CEO of the Memorial de Caen since October 2005


  • General Director/CEO of the Memorial de Caen, of the circular cinema “Arromanches 360°” and of the “Civilians in wartime” Memorial in Falaise
  • Consultant for the creation of the “Civilians in wartime” Memorial museum in Falaise, France
  • Author and curator of several international exhibitions including “Where were you on September 11, 2001?” and “Survival: the children of the Holocaust”
  • Former Director of the Historial of the Great War in Peronne, France

Fields of Research

  • Co-founding member of the interdisciplinary program “Memory and Memorialization”: CNRS (French National Scientific Research Council), Memorial de Caen, 9/11 Foundation, New York University, which led to equipments of excellence
  • Elected member of the Scientific Council of the Yahad – In Unum Foundation, of the Allied Museum in Berlin, of the Institute for Memory of Contemporary Editions and of the Memorial de Caen
  • Consultant for the Basse-Normandie Region regarding the inscription of the Landing beaches on the World Heritage for Humanity list.
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