Thomas Haley


A native Oregonian, Thomas Haley has lived in Paris, France since the early 70’s. He did his university studies in photography (Univ. of Oregon), cinema (New York University), and art history (American Univ. in Paris). He first worked as a photo-researcher for Magnum Photo Agency. Between 1983 and 2011 he worked for SIPA Press, collaborating regularly with the major international news weeklies, covering political conflict, man-made and natural disasters from Panama to Tiananmen Square, the Balkans and the Middle East. His work on the Bhopal industrial accident in 1984 was awarded by the World Press Awards. He covered the rise of People’s Power and the fall of Ferdinand Marcos; the major events in Eastern Europe which led to the fall of the wall in Berlin and Soviet Communism. He covered the Yugoslav conflict from most fronts since the outbreak of the war. His work on the aftermath of the war in Bosnia was awarded with a special jury’s prize for the Prix Paris Match (2006). More recently Haley has realized several multimedia productions for the web and a short documentary, “American Dreamer” on the trauma of 9/11 for the American psyche. He is an active member of UPP, the French photographer’s association concerned with defending photographers’ rights and promoting fair business practices. He lives in Paris, France with his wife, Annick, and two sons.

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