Wade Goddard

Photographer - War Photo Limited

Born in New Zealand in 1969, Wade Goddard arrived in the former Yugoslavia in April 1992 to try his hand at photojournalism, discovering his passion not only with the art but also with the region itself. Over the next ten or so years, he covered the events in the former Yugoslavia as a freelance photographer for Reuters, The New York Times and Newsweek. Wade explains – “Covering the breakup of the former Yugoslavia became my life’s pursuit, I had to be there, to see it for myself, to feel it, to try and understand it, the brutality, the death, the destruction. What leads a people to destroy another and themselves in the process? If we understood the answers to this and the consequences of armed conflict perhaps our political leaders would try a little harder to avoid war. I guess I am still searching for those answers amongst the images.” In 2003 Wade left the field of news/conflict photojournalism, and in partnership with a friend, set up a museum of war photography in the old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia. The museum, War Photo Limited, displays exhibits from leading photojournalists covering recent and present conflicts that plague the world today.

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