Zérane S. Girardeau

Zérane Confluence Artistique

Zérane S. Girardeau, curator and exhibition producer, founded in 2007 “Zérane. Confluence Artistique” whose purpose is to organize artistic projects revolving around human rights. Each creation and production associate various witnesses – visual artists, writers, historians, poets, reporters, philosophers, scientists, sociologists, musicians… Zérane has produced several exhibitions on issues like a forgotten massacre in French colonial history (Madagascar 1947), thirty years of homeless in Paris, slivers and sparkles of resistance at the time of great worldwide crises… The war in Syria threw Zérane into a new research area dedicated to children in mass violence. The exhibition and the book Deflagrations present “traces” drawn and left by children in wars, conflicts and mass crimes over a century throughout the world. Thinkers, artists, writers and war correspondents, have also taken part in this project. Zérane keeps identifying sources that could complete the body of drawings already exposed. The core of this project is to give a right place and recognition to the experiences, memory and expressions of children who have been thrown into mass violence. We owe them.

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