Conflict: Syria

A collective of self-taught and volunteer filmmakers involved in emergency cinema

Abounaddara is a group of Syrian filmmakers involved in the revolt against barbarism.
Founded in 2010, Abounaddara is releasing its films anonymously on the web in order to avoid censorship.
Since the beginning of the revolution in 2011, Abounaddara is releasing one short film every Friday as a testimony of the fight for freedom in Syria. Fifteen of these films have been selected in international festivals.

The film ‘Syria: Snapshots of History in the Making’ is an intimate journey constructed from these short films. The film alternates personal stories and poetic images, fragments of an unfinished story, in which the actors are ordinary Syrians. We meet an old taxi driver who insists on searching for a lost street while listening to Arab tango on the radio; a young woman who preferred elections over the revolution; and a deserter from the Free Syrian Army who now believes they are going in the wrong direction.


A WARM Partner Project

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