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Afghanistan: The Endless War

Conflict: Afghanistan

A multimedia exhibition
Curated by Jean-Pierre Perrin and Maral Deghati

Afghanistan: blood, ashes, and darkness

How a very local rebellion, mainly from peasants fighting a communist coup d’Etat, in a poor, remote and moutaneous country, became a crucial episode of the Cold War with the Soviet invasion in December 1979 and Pakistan, United States and Saudi Arabia being later on involved in the conflict.

The invader was severely punished: it was forced to retreat in 1989 and, as a consequence, USSR started to collapse six months later.

But Afghanistan has never recovered. Being destroyed, with six millions refugees, it became the country of blood, ashes and darkness with the coming up of war lords and talibans. And the promised land for the international jihad, welcoming Usama bin Laden and provoking the September-11 disaster.

Today, Afghanistan faces a new insurgency and, the American army being also defeated, can become again a new jihadist spot. The Afghan story is also our story.

During all these wars, the Afghan women have paid a very high price. This exhibition is dedicated to them.


Jean-Pierre Perrin, Kathy Gannon, Manoocher Deghati, Christopher Morris, Santiago Lyon, Florent Marcie, David Turnley, Massoud Hossaini, Zalmai, Daniel Schwartz.


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Co-produced by Bayeux-Calvados-Normandy Award for War Correspondents – WARM Foundation

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