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Hanna Tykha

Hanna Tykha was born in Kyiv in 1995. Hanna creates video works in various genres, such as animation film, documentary, music videos, live video performances and fine arts projects. She is a permanent member of Babylon’13 team as film editor and designer.

Short animation film “RUTA”

by Hanna Tykha

In the short animation film “RUTA,” human perception is depicted as a relatively simple space with limited features. The most precious element in this space is a living flower, whose well-being is deeply affected by the events that consciousness undergoes. Throughout the film, this flower experiences the hardships of the Bosnian war.

War witnesses share their memories and thoughts about the hardest period of their lives, and these reflections inevitably influence their inner state. The film reminds us that during wartime, people experience a wide range of strong emotions, yet there is always room for positive discoveries among them.

If there is one overarching conclusion from all the shared stories, it is that every aspect of war is rooted in human actions. Our inner and outer spaces are shaped and regulated by interpersonal relationships, and any war emerges, persists, and ends within these human connections. It’s intriguing how within this network of relationships, which involves us all equally and grants us similar power of will, lies a sense of uncertainty, unpredictability, and randomness. It’s fascinating to see how critical the smallest decisions and processes within each person can be.