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Katya Buchatska

Katya Buchatska is an artist born in Kyiv, Ukraine (1987), where she lives and works. She combines mediums and methods, both within and beyond the conventional bounds of the art world. The artist has distinguished herself by creating eclectically, focusing on vulnerable and under-recognized aspects of the environments she inhabits.

You Are My Future, Sarajevo, I Am Your Past

Every war has something in common with every other war, creating a great temptation to compare suffering, motives, or outcomes. One can notice the similarity between Katya Buchatska’s and Susan Sontag’s hair, and the two women’s asynchronous stays in Sarajevo. In one case, it is an occupied city that an American writer visits to stage a play, “Waiting for Godot,” and to simply be present. In the other, a Ukrainian artist comes to the liberated city 30 years later from her home country, where war years continue, invited to look at her possible future.

And the second work I consider this videoessay with a shuddering landscape of Sarajevo, and that this movement is provoked by, let’s say, eternal memory.