Florent Marcie


Commander Khawani

Conflict: Afghanistan

A film by Florent Marcie

Afghanistan, October 2001. One month after attacks on the World Trade Center, US airstrikes in Afghanistan began attacks in an attempt to overthrow the Taliban. On the front lines of Bagram and marked by twenty years of war, Commander Khawani and his mujahedeen are waiting for the attack on Kabul. Between two airstrikes, they start talking to the enemy by radio…

Florent Marcie began photography in 1989 during the Romanian Revolution, and then moved to documentary filmmaking. He shoots, edits and produces himself his films, all related to war. He is the director of ‘Saïa’, a short film on a frontline at night in Afghanistan, and of ‘Itchkéri Kenti’, a long documentary film on the war in Chechnya, among others. His film ‘Tomorrow Tripoli, on the war in Libya, was screened as a world premiere at the First WARM Festival in Sarajevo in 2014, and his last film, Commander Khawani’, which portrays an Afghan commander through 15 years of conflict, will be screened as a world premiere at the second WARM Festival in Sarajevo in 2015.

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