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09 Apr 13

War Reporters’ Network Launches in Sarajevo

An international network of journalists, researchers and artists have opened a foundation in Sarajevo which will be dedicated to war reporting, photography, art and conflict-zone films.

Denis Dzidic BIRN Sarajevo

The new foundation, called WARM – which stands for War, Art, Reporting, Memories – has been set by a group of journalists and artists, many of whom visited Sarajevo during the early 1990s siege of the city.

“We want to build a place which will be dedicated to remembrance, history and memories of war, and dedicated to the promotion of emerging talents and to education. WARM will bring together people with a common passion for ‘telling the story’ with excellence and integrity,” said Remy Ourdan, a journalist for French newspaper Le Monde.

WARM has already been involved in one project, a visual document of the Bosnian conflict put together by a group of photojournalists last year.

Ourdan promised that this will just be the first of many projects.

“We are planning on opening a WARM festival next year, which will bring together artists from all over the world, and in several years we hope to open a WARM centre in Sarajevo, which will serve as a place for artists to come and learn about war reporting and a place where they could work,” he said.

The WARM opening ceremony took place in the Sarajevo War Theatre and was part of a cultural project about the siege of the city called Memory Module.

Nihad Kresevljakovic, the artistic director of Memory Module, said he was proud to be helping the WARM foundation, adding that through art, people can learn about the way Sarajevo suffered during the siege.


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