WARM Academy 2021

5-9 July







Monday 5 July
- 10:00 Justin McGuirk “Radical Cities: In Search of a New Architecture”
- 11:00 Sanda Popovac “Visual Diary: Recreating the Hell for the Sympathy for the Devil”
- 13:00 Ajna Babahmetovic “Houses at Home: Reading Diasporic Architecture in Bosnia & Herzegovina”
- 14:00 Amila Buturovic "In Death We Lie Divided: War Victims as Political Memory"

- 10:00 Nerma Jelacic “On war crimes tribunals”
- 11:00 Sabina Cehajic-Clancy “On Reconciliation”
- 13:00 Cecile Hennion “City at war, living creatures: the case of Aleppo”
- 14:00 Thomas d'Istria "Belarus Uprising"

- 10:00 Nermina Trbonja "Working on the sensitive subjects: how to protect the truth, yourself and your subject"
- 11:00 Raya Manaa “Palestine today”
- 14:00 Alyx Arumpac “ASWANG”, War on drugs in the Philippines and other projects
- 15:00 Muyi Xiao "How to report on China from afar"

(at Kino Meeting Point)
- 10:00 Remy Ourdan “The World of 9/11”
- 11:00 Ed Vulliamy “When Words Fail”
- 13:00 Selma Spahic, Darko Cvijetic, Selvedin Avdic "Theatre and Literature: Why do we do what we do"
- 15:00 Jasmila Zbanic, Ed Vulliamy, Damir Sagolj "Perception of genocide in Srebrenica in popular culture" (In partnership with Bookstan)
- 16:00 Kenneth Morrison & Paul Lowe "Reporting the Siege of Sarajevo"

- 10:00 Claudia Zini "Telling the story of the Bosnian war through art"
- 11:00 Dzemil Hodzic "Sniper Alley", conversation with the project founder
- 13:00 Haleh Anvari “Shahid murals in Iran”, a documentary film, followed by a discussion with the author
- 14:00 Mahala Magazine and Kuma International corner, and conversation with designer Bojan Hazdihalilovic on magazine front pages
- 15:00 NGO partners talking about how to apply and run projects