WARM Launch Press Release

WARM Foundation officially launched in Sarajevo


(SARAJEVO, April 8, 2013) «Sarajevo 2012» conference gathered last year hundreds of reporters marking the 20th anniversary of Sarajevo siege. The idea of WARM emerged then and now turned into reality: WARM Foundation has been officially launched in Sarajevo, presenting ongoing projects (in Bosnia, Libya, Syria, etc), plans and website (warmfoundation.org). The WARM team is an international network of war reporters, artists and academics. The project is headed by Le Monde journalist Remy Ourdan.

“WARM is an international foundation on the world’s contemporary conflicts, to ‘tell the story’ with excellence and integrity”, said Remy Ourdan. “WARM is dedicated to war reporting and war art, as well as history and memories of war, and dedicated to the promotion of emerging talents and to education”, he explained WARM’s mission.

“Sarajevo is the best place with its historical background for such an idea to be developed”, outlined Nihad Kresevljakovic, Festival MESS Memory Module art director and director of SARTR (Sarajevo War Theatre). “WARM idea is victory of freedom, truth and peace, where experience of Siege of Sarajevo is becoming a symbol of excellence in war reporting and telling the story”, concluded Kresevljakovic.

WARM was launched on April 8th at SARTR Sarajevo War Theatre, together with the opening of the «Bosnia 1992-1995» exhibition, curated by Jon Jones, who edited last year with Remy Ourdan and Gary Knight the «Bosnia1992-1995» book. Among its projects, WARM is producing a second book about the visual history of the Ex-Yugoslavia wars.

A first WARM Festival will take place in June 2014. The WARM Festival will include exhibitions, screenings, book presentations, and various events linked to the various projects WARM is supporting worldwide. A WARM Center will be opened later on in Sarajevo, that would welcome the best and the emerging reporters, artists and researchers from all around the world and provide an environment for them to work together. The WARM Center will develop an Archives and Research Center of material relevant to the study of international conflicts, together with Educational Program.

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