Damir Šagolj new director of the WARM Foundation

We are extremely pleased to announce that Damir Šagolj is the new director of the WARM Foundation. Damir will now be heading all WARM activities in Sarajevo and worldwide, including the WARM Festival and the WARM Academy.

The WARM Foundation is an international foundation based in Sarajevo and working on the world’s contemporary conflicts. WARM is dedicated to supporting war reporting and war art, as well as history and memories of conflict, promoting emerging talents and education, in an effort to bring better understanding of war and promote peace. WARM is bringing together people with a common passion for “telling the story with excellence and integrity”.

WARM’s long-term mission is to develop in Sarajevo a WARM Center as an international hub where journalists, historians, researchers and artists can come together to share ideas.

WARM was created on 6th April 2012, the day of the 20th commemoration of the siege of Sarajevo, by a group of Sarajevo artists, journalists, activists, and international journalists who came back to commemorate the conflict.

Remy Ourdan has been WARM’s first director (2012-2019).

The 1st WARM Festival opened on 28th June 2014, the day of the 100th anniversary of World War I.
WARM is organizing a WARM Festival and a WARM Academy every year in July in Sarajevo.

Damir Šagolj’s biography

WARM Foundation contacts warmfoundation.org/contact

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