WARM Festival 2024

Sarajevo, July 8-13.


Kino Meeting Point

All the exhibitions are open for the public from July 8.

Monday, July 8

WARM Academy starts (in partnership with Kreisau-Initiative e. V. and Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst e.V.u BiH)

Unmute Gaza”, an exhibition of photographs, posters, and street art scene, along with discussions on one of the most significant global projects of the past year on the subject of conflict in Gaza, various locations throughout the city and Manifesto gallery, Manifesto gallery, 17:00h.

WARM Festival 2024 Opening ceremony, a keynote speech by Ed Vulliamy, Meeting Point Cinema, 19:30h.

WARM Movie night:

“Between the Ends of War”, a documentary film by Iryna Shostak and Tetiana Peresunko. “Between the Ends of War” is a documentary film and an author’s attempt to comprehend and compare the experience of living through the war that ended 30 years ago and the war that is still ongoing. Shoot and produced as a part of “BOSNIA:UKRAINE Reporting From the Future” project.

The Ground Zero”, a collection of eleven short films from Gaza. The Ground Zero project was launched by Rashid Masharawi, the Palestinian director originally from Gaza, during the war launched after the attacks of October 7, 2023. This project was born from the observation that the speech of Gazans is difficult to hear, that It is necessary to have traces of what is experienced so that the memory is preserved, so that the history of the occupation of Palestine cannot be rewritten without taking into account that of the Palestinians and particularly those of Gaza. Conversation with Layaly Badr, artistic director of the project. Meeting Point cinema, 20:30h.

Tuesday July 9th

WARM Academy day 2.

“Reporting on Gaza, and beyond”, a panel discussion on reporting on ongoing conflicts with Israeli-born Jewish leftist journalist Amira Hass, Ed Vulliamy, and others, moderated by Nidžara Ahmetašević. Meeting Point Cinema, 15:00h.

“And They Laughed at Me”, an outdoor exhibition at 15 locations in the city by Iranian artist Newsha Tavakolian, and the exhibition at Bosanski Kulturni Centar, in partnership with the Bayeux Normandy Calvados Awards, Bosanski Kulturni Centar, 18:00h.

WARM Movie night, “Vibe Istanbul”, a film premiere about the electronic music scene in Istanbul by Iranian author Nafisse Motlaq, panel discussion on spaces for personal freedom, and concert by DJs from the Middle East, protagonists of the film, European House of Culture and National Minorities, 20:00h.

Wednesday July 10th

WARM Academy day 3.

WARM Books promotions moderate by Tim Clancy, Meeting Point, 15:00-17:00h:

When Cages Fly, a promotion of a new book by Iranian-Canadian artist Kiana Hayeri, born out of an unconventional story captured inside Herat Women’s Prison, Afghanistan.

“The Information Front”, a book promotion and discussion with Christopher Nunn and Kateryna Radchenko. The Information Front is a ‘DIY’ publishing collective showcasing photographs of the war covered by those photographers who are most vulnerable: Ukrainian photographers themselves.

UKRAINE: LOVE+WAR, a book promotion and project presentation. Following FotoEvidence‘s historical publication Ukraine: A War Crime, the photojournalism community unites for second time to document this tragic period in Ukrainian history for future generations. With Paula Bronstein and Svetlana Bachevanova.

“MY HOME”, a multimedia exhibition by Samar Abu Elouf, a Palestinian photojournalist reporting from Gaza for The New York Times, curated by Laura Boushnak and Lejla Hodžić, video by Džemil Hodžić, in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, 18:00h.

WARM movie night:

Armed and Divided We Stand: US Civil War Anxiety”, Award-winning series: Point of No Return by filmmaker and journalist Raul Gallego Abellan. The first episode of Season Two examines the increasing polarisation in the US and the fear that election outcomes will worsen divisions and unrest. It addresses the impact of the pandemic, Trump protests, George Floyd demonstrations, the Capitol attack, the war in Ukraine, and tensions with Russia and China.

“Tantura”, the untold story of Israel’s foundation. A documentary film written, directed and produced by Alon Schwarz. Meeting Point cinema, 20:00h.

Thursday July 11th

WARM Academy day 4.

“Fixers in Wartime, the Invisible Reporters”, a screening of a film produced by RSF and Charles-Henry Frizon, followed by a panel discussion on the subject with current and former wartime fixers from different war zones,. With Boba Lizdek, Dmitriy Pritulenko and Haleh Anwari. Meeting Point cinema, 15:00h.

“BOSNIA:UKRAINE Reporting From the Future”, a multimedia exhibition as a continuation of the WARM Foundation project in which over twenty highly prominent Ukrainian authors spent time in Sarajevo “reporting from their future”. Exhibition curators are Slaven Tolj and Lejla Hodžić. In partnership with ERSTE Foundation. European House of Culture and National Minorities, 18:30h.

WARM movie night:

“Israel’s Reel Extremism”, a premiere of a documentary film produced and directed by Inigo Gilmore and Karim Shah. An examination of Israel and its society after many months of war, seen initially through the prism of viral social media posts – and exclusive interviews with the soldiers behind them.

“KILL ZONE: INSIDE GAZA”, The story of the Israeli military assault on Gaza. Seen through the eyes of children, journalists and doctors, Dispatches takes an unflinching look at the horrific challenges and heartbreaking loss. Produced and Directed by Vanessa Bowles, Executive Producer: Ben de Pear (Basement Films). Conversation with authors after the screening. Meeting Point cinema 20:30h.

Friday July 12th

WARM Academy day 5.

“Jus in Bello”, a discussion on identity in the conflicts, in Ukraine and beyond, with David Rieff and Andrei Kurkov, Meeting Point cinema, 15:00h.

“Ovo je bio grafit/Here Was A Graffiti”, a short film by Valeriya Boyko shoot and produced as a part of “BOSNIA:UKRAINE Reporting From the Future” project. “This is Serbia. This is a post office, you fool” was a graffiti that appeared in Sarajevo briefly before the onset of the Bosnian war. In a series of conversations with local personalities, the film explores the story behind the graffiti that everyone knows yet few have seen. Meeting Point cinema, 16:30h.

WARM Books promotions, moderated by Haleh Anwari, Meeting Point, 17:00-19:00h.

Eyewitness“ (promotion  of a retrospective photo book of Manoocher Deghati’s life work including his biography in the form of a historical novel by Ursula Janssen)

“Family Affairs” (promotion of a new book by Alfred and Rafael Yaghobzadeh, father and son conflict photographers about their profession and family, including an essay by Nadine Camel Toueg and Caroline Laurent)

DOCUMENTARY:UKRAINE, screening of documentary films and conversation with Oksana Karpovych and Christopher Nunn, Meeting Point cinema, 20:30h.

Saturday July 13th

WARM Open Stage, a collection of readings, presentations and theatrical performances by WARM members and participants of WARM Academy, European House of Culture and National Minorities, 10:00-14:00h.

“LIBERA ME”, a multimedia performance. Voices of witnesses of wars in Bosnia and Ukraine in the audiovisual performance created by Maja Zećo and Roman Stolyar. Meeting Point cinema, 15:00h.

“radio live VIVANTES”, with Ines Tanovic (Bosnia), Hala Rajab (Syria) and Oksana Leuta (Ukraine), live music Emma Prat/live drawings Gala Vanson/host Aurélie Charon. They come from Bosnia, Ukraine and Syria, they travel together to Sarajevo to question the post conflict society. On stage, they come together to talk about war, exile, resistance and hope. In partnership with Institut Francais Sarajevo, Meeting Point cinema, 20:00h.

WARM 2024 Closing party, SoBa, 22:00h.

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