Laurent Van der Stockt

Photo Editor & Educator

The Way to the Frontline

Conflict: Syria

A photo slideshow by Laurent Van der Stockt

Edited by Maral Deghati for The First World WARM Festival

‘The Way to the Frontline’
District of Jobar, Damascus, Syria, May 2013

“In Damascus controlled by armed revolutionaries, holes stand instead of rooms, kitchens, courtyards and living rooms of all those who have died, disappeared from their homes, fled the war, and now serve as a path to the war. Some signs guide them to the front line, others away from it. In both directions, walls conceal their movements from the eyes of the enemy. They are both the ghosts of all the absences they cross as well as guardians of these places. If nothing interrupts them, it takes ten minutes to complete their trajectory, almost the same time it takes to watch this projection. During this time, short and infinite, they will have come across the remains of the joys, intimacy, childhood, meals, love and misfortunes of hundreds of lives. The only visible and remaining traces of these broken lives.”

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A WARM Production

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